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U12 State Champs Start Tomorrow!

RedCity Roar will have five teams ( 3 x boys teams & 2 x girls teams) representing Redlands at the 2022 U12 State Championships. The championship tournament is being hosted by Northside Wizards across fourteen courts at Northside Indoors Sports Centre (4 courts), South Pine Sports Complex (5 courts) and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre (5 courts) over the next four days.

Both RedCity U12 girls teams are creating history! The Roar team will compete in Division 1 which will place them amongst the top 12 teams in Queensland. This is the first time a RedCity Roar team has been able play their way into division one at State Championships! It will also be the first time an U12 RedCity Pride girls team has competed at State Championships.

The Roar boys will compete in division two while the Pride and Lions teams will compete against each other in different pools of division 4.

Get the draw, all the results and information on live streams and ticket sales on the Basketball Queensland website on the link below!

U12 Boys Pride after an SQJBC game, are ready for their first State Championships!

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