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RedCity Members on Notice!

Suspension and exclusion from RedCity Roar activities is now the only option left for RedCity Roar Management for any further violations in regards to the use of facilities we use at PCYC and the Paul Bancroft Centre.

Recently we had members entering the "Out of Bounds" space where PCYC run their introductory gymnastics programs. This incident was the third time that RedCity Roar has been advised by PCYC that children have entered that space to play on equipment while the facility was being used for RedCity Roar activities. The previous incident was during representative games where three children entered the space and trashed the space by over turning equipment, squirting sanitizer everywhere and emptying tissue boxes across the area. We have had similar incidents occur with the use of amenities at the Paul Bancroft Centre recently.

These incidents present significant risks to liability if someone gets hurt, to both PCYC, Cleveland DSHS and RedCity Roar. If a claim is made RedCity Roar against insurance, the Association incurs a significant excess fee and the insurance fee through registrations for all members will go up. It also puts a strain on the relationship with our landlords at a time where we need their support to provide court space for the demand created by the community's appetite for basketball.

If you see someone in the "Out of Bounds" area at PCYC on court 3 or on the stage area at the Paul Bancroft Centre, please advise our Courts Controller or the person responsible for those people. Help us remove any risks to our members and to our Association and the entities that control the venues that allow us to to play the game.

Below are the values the Association has identified as important to the organization. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes but the culture of an organization can be powerful when it can reach out and bring people into the fold and prevent an error in judgement by a fellow member.

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