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Who should apply for a blue card: 

  • Coaches 

  • Assistant Coaches 

  • Managers 

  • Court Supervisors 

  • Referees 


RedCity Roar Basketball manages blue cards via the Blue Card Services Portal. To apply for a volunteer blue card follow the below steps: 

  1.  Create a Blue Card Service account –  (Please note your account number)

  2. Prior to applying for a volunteer blue card your account will need the account you created above to be linked to RedCity Roar Basketball. To link your account please email your blue card account number and date of birth to Jo at You will be notified when your account is linked.

  3. Once you receive notification your account is linked, you will be able to apply for a volunteer blue card via the blue card portal – 

*If you already have a blue card it is still a requirement to have your card linked to RedCity Roar Basketball. Please follow steps 1 & 2 above to have your card linked. 

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