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RedCity CUBS is a development program specifically designed for kids aged 4-8 years old.


It provides a great opportunity for young kids to learn the basics of basketball while having fun in a modified and age-appropriate environment.


Through CUBS, kids can develop their skills, build confidence, and gain an understanding of the game while forming friendships that will last a lifetime.


CUBS is the preferred pathway into RedCity's Club Junior Competition and provides a great foundation for kids to build upon as they continue to develop their basketball skills.

Trainings for 4-5 year olds

Wednesday 4-5pm - Redlands PCYC

Training and Games 6-8 year olds

Wednesday 4-5pm - Redlands PCYC

Saturday 8am - Redlands PCYC

CUBS run in line with the 4 school terms.

Term 3 2024 registrations now open

9 weeks starting July 10th to September 7th!

Click here to join!

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