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Senior Divisions Overflowing!

Like the rivers in Redlands recently, the spots in the senior comps have filled up fast! Division 3 and 4 men have no spots available and Divisions 1 and 2 men are still being sorted. The registration form has been turned off but if you are still looking for a spot for your team in the higher divisions then please email our comps guru, Jo Doyle at

The women's social competition will have a regular Thursday timeslot and will play a short season through term 1. Any players looking to join the women's comp should also email Jo if you have not already sent in an E.O.I. form.

RedCity Roar is exploring opportunities to expand the senior and junior competitions as soon as possible. A winter season expansion is likely for all divisions when Capalaba State College's new venue becomes available for community use. This may alleviate the wait lists for both junior and senior teams.

If you have missed out, we want to hear from you and also from our current members, families and volunteers. With local, state and federal elections all lined up over the next 12 to 18 months, we would like to gather some insight from the Redland's basketball community. What are the issues important to you leading into the March 16 election for Redlands City Council? If you could take a moment to answer the ten questions on the form below it would be much appreciated and very helpful in advocating for a home for our growing family!

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