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RedCity Roar is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all members to enjoy the game.


To ensure that our culture remains strong, the club has put in place a system to deal with any breaches that threaten our values.  


This system follows Basketball Queensland’s Code of Behavior guidelines and includes a tribunal, led by experienced community leaders, to hear any complaints and take appropriate action and has adopted the model tribunal by-laws recommended by Basketball Australia.

RedCity Roar officials, referees, court controllers, referee supervisors or score bench officials have access to a Jotform  to send a Judicial Report  to deal with behaviors  they believe breaches the Code  of Conduct and/or offences laid out in the tribunal-bylaws. Once an official fills out the form it is automatically sent to the Tribunal Chair who will then decide whether the matter will be dealt with by:

  1. Education or intervention - Support given to the reported member, member may receive support by a third party provider Authentic Steps

  2. Administrative Tribunal -  A penalty determined by the Tribunal Administration (does not require a hearing), member has a right to appeal and have a hearing

  3. Tribunal Hearing - the case is heard by an independent panel, both member and Association has a right of appeal through Basketball Queensland (cost involved for appeal)

The use of Jotform  keeps a record of  incidents and is used to create reports to management which is useful in spotting trends  and identifying problems. Both Steve Ackroyd and Brendan Jorgensen have a unique set of professional skills and training  gained through their experience in the Police force.


RedCity Roar is determined to create an environment that allows all members to play the game in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

RedCity Roar has established a set of values within our strategic plan to guide us in our decision making.

General members can also make a  report  of an incident that they feel are in breach of RedCity Roar values. They can do this by filling in member incident report form.   This  is a different to the "tribunal report form" but can be dealt with in the same way if the incident  is deemed  to be significant. The "member incident report" form can be used by members to alert management to any risk or to lodge a complaint.

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Please be aware of the following  offences and maximum penalties:

Disputing the decision(s) of a referee – 6 weeks suspension

Unsportsmanlike behavior – 6 weeks suspension

Breach of Code of Conduct – 6 weeks suspension

Attempting to trip – 10 to 20 weeks suspension

Tripping – 10 to 52 weeks suspension

Obscene gestures – 10 to 20 weeks suspension

Offensive language (which may include abusive, obscene or insulting language) – 10 to 20 weeks suspension

Attempting to strike – 10 to 52 weeks suspension

Striking (fist, hand, object, head) – 52 weeks to life-time suspension

Attempting to elbow – 10 to 52 weeks

Elbowing – 20 weeks to life-time suspension

Fighting – 20 weeks suspension

Attempting to kick – 10 to 52 weeks suspension

Kicking – 20 weeks to life-time suspension

Spitting – 20 to 52 weeks suspension

Moving under an airborne player (tunneling) – 104 weeks suspension

Putting a person in fear of impending violence – 52  to 104 weeks suspension

Coaching, refereeing, playing scorebench duties while under suspension – Extra 2 to 5 weeks per game plus original suspension

Deliberately endangering the safety, healtrh, of players, spectators, officials (incidents involving blood/body fluids) – life-time suspension

Conduct which brings the game of Basketball into disrepute – 19 weeks suspension

Failure to attend a Tribunal without proper cause when notified – 20 weeks suspension

Failure to cooperate in or hindering an investigation or hearing under these by-laws –  20 weeks suspension

Intimidating or bullying a person or attempting to do so – 52 weeks suspension

Public criticism of officials, coaches or player related to basketball activities –  20 weeks suspension.

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