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NBL1 RedCity Roar now has it's own Facebook page and Insta account linked to the RedCity Roar NBL1 website.

At the end of the NBL1 season RedCity Roar called for volunteers to help out for the 2023 season. A team was formed headed up by NBL1 Chair Jason Fiddes who eloquently defined the charter of the working committee of 16 members. "To strategically coordinate all areas of the NBL1 by collaboration and commitment".

Some key roles require people with some specific skill sets which the Association has been fortunate to secure. There is also team of committee members with key roles that have provide support to the NBL1 program. Lisa Johnston has come on board and taken the lead on partnerships & sponsorship. Lisa has extensive experience event management and partnerships at a corporate level. Tash Norman is a professional in digital marketing and will be looking after the socials.

There will be a steady stream of information surrounding the progress of the club towards next years NBL1 season, so the Association has decided to create separate social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) specifically for RedCity Roar NBL1 & QSL news. This information will also be available through the RedCity Roar NBL1 website When necessary all NBL1 QSL news can be shared to this website and the Association's Facebook page & Instagram account.

Click on the "NBL1 Facebook home page image" above to go to the NBL1 Facebook page and "Like" the page to keep up to date with what is happening in our senior representative programs! Alternatively, you can login to your Facebook account and search for @nbl1redcityroar and hit the "Like" button!

For the NBL1 RedCity Roar Instagram account search for @nbl1redcityroar and hit the "Follow" button!


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