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Sea of Red for the Dolphins and Marlins

Join us for an incredible event as RedCity Roar hosts the Cairns Dolphins and Marlins in the NBL1 Mental Health Round on Friday, June 16th, at the First National Real Estate Cleveland "Den".

We're hoping for a sea of passionate RedCity fans to show their support!

RedCity Roar has introduced a special line of red t-shirts and hoodies for the occasion. Each item sold will contribute $5 towards a mental health program for a young resident of RedCity, delivered by our amazing partners at Authentic Steps.

We encourage everyone to wear red to the game and join us in a massive "RedCity Roaring for Mental Health" photo, to be taken between the women's and men's games. Anyone wearing red can be part of the photo, but those with merchandise orders will be front and center. Let's showcase RedCity's community compassion, unity, and support for the importance of mental health!

Pre-orders are necessary and will close this Friday at 11 am. Don't miss your chance to grab a red t-shirt, hoodie, or both, and contribute to providing access to the fantastic programs offered by Authentic STEPS

Let's make a difference together and create a memorable evening of basketball and mental health advocacy. See you there, RedCity fans!

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