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Roar Face Masks Available in Shop

RedCity Roar fans can now show their colours and help promote the club culture by wearing the RedCity Roar face masks. Disposable masks have become a problem littering our streets and waterways. Wearing a washable RedCity Roar mask helps keep the disposable masks out of our bay and at the same time helps protect our community and get through these outbreaks until vaccination rates allow us to get back to some level of normality.

The story behind the artwork commissioned by the club from Ngalin Ayeye:

Community, inclusiveness and belonging were the primary themes portrayed by this original design and painting for the RedCity Roar Basketball Association. The use of the large hand projecting from the bottom left of the canvas can be seen as the symbol for belonging. Belonging to something bigger than the individual – belonging to a community and in this case the RedCity Roar community.

Surrounding the outside of the hand are 3 large circles – representing meeting circles, or smaller groups within the large community e.g. the men’s teams, women’s teams and the junior teams. They are all connected by the journey lines painted in black and red in-between the meeting circles. Each group showing its connection to each other and the clubs inclusivity of all people – young, old, black, white and everything in between. The game of basketball does not discriminate.

The painting also depicts the importance of the Redlands area specifically, and the use of the waves on the outside of the meeting circles represent the water close by and the significance it has played in the lives of the traditional owners of the land for thousands of years.

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