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Referee Action Day Initiative #changethegame

Hi RedCity

There was a great turnout of referees for the "Referees Action Day" and some positive initiatives to be implemented for this coming season. Through the Referee Q&A with the clubs representatives and coaches that attended the group identified a range of strategies to improve coach communications for this season.

There will be series of #changethegame posts and emails aimed at making basketball a positive experience for all our members.

Referee Coordinator Chloe Tapp identified appropriate and effective way for coaches to establish better communication with the referees which was brought up by Dave McLucas from the Kings

- Pre game or between games - Referees and coaches are encouraged to chat before the game or between games. If coaches take theopportunity to get to know who is refereeing their game by name and a little about their the level of experience it helps establish a personal relationship and there is more likely to be a useful answer to a question around a call or interpretation of a call during a game. RedCity Roar has had some positive feedback in the shifts in approach from our coaches of late. It does not go unnoticed. It's always nice to get positive feedback, so if a junior referee is on the job, strike up a conversation with the referee and his/her educator/supervisor and let them know they are appreciated. It is probably the most powerful thing you can do to improve the standard of our pool of referees!

- During stoppages in play, at the end of a time out or other moments when the referee is within the coaches box a coach can ask quietly in an appropriate manner a question to seek clarification on a call or an interpretation.

- Focus on your role as a coach! Missed shots, missed rebounding opportunities, and turnovers have far more of an impact in the game than one or two calls that could have gone either way. Developing your knowledge will help your effectiveness as a coach and have a much bigger impact on the outcome of the game.

- The #1 reason kids play sport is to have fun! The #2 reason is to be with their mates! The # 3 reason is to learn and develop within the game. Winning is way down the list on kids priorities! Let them play, keep it playful, it's their game!

Things to avoid as coaches/spectators!

- Yelling at or discrediting referees in any manner! It is not the coach's job or a parent's/spectator's job or a club representative's job to educate referees. RedCity Roar have Referee Supervisors and Referee Educators that are assigned that task. If your passion leads you these behaviors and you are genuine about the development of referees then please step forward and offer support as a referee, especially if you have those skills.

- Voicing the call! Yelling "travel" or "foul" during the game will not help the referee focus on the things he or she needs to looking at during the game. If the referee's attention is drawn towards the coach or a spectator on the sideline then it is more likely they will miss something. Just like players , referees perform best when they are in the zone, locked in and focused on the game. Take ownership of the your teams/clubs supporter behaviors.

"The standard you walk past is the standard you set"

Thanks for your support. We are looking forward to a great season!


Peter Pollock


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