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RedCity Welcomes New Members to Management Committee

Under the new requirements surrounding the constitution of participating Associations in NBL1 North set out by Basketball Queensland, RedCity Roar Basketball Association now has a two year rolling membership within its seven member management committee. Three members are required to retire one year and then four the following cycle.

This year four positions were vacated:

Vice President (John Cooper retires by rotation)

Treasurer (Adam Smallwood retires by rotation)

General Member 2 (Paul Ambler retires by rotation)

General Member 3 (Brenden Jorgensen retires by rotation)

The following members were nominated at the recent AGM and will serve a two year term.

Position of Vice President - Nathan Johnson

Position of Treasurer - Amanda Farrell

General Member 2 - Paul Ambler (nominated and reelected unopposed)

General Member 3 - David Morrisby

RedCity Roar would like to thank outgoing members for their contribution. The Association has been the fastest growing NBL1 Association in Australia for the previous two years according to Basketball Queensland CEO, Josh Pascoe. This has created significant challenges which would not have been met successfully without the guidance support and work of John Cooper, Adam Smallwood and Brendan Jorgensen. Thank you for your time and expertise!

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