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New Administration System & Season Start Dates!

Basketball Queensland will be switching from their current system "GameDay" to "Basketball Connect".

As an affiliated body to Basketball Queensland, RedCity Roar will now be using the same system and this will create some changes to the way members register and the way RedCity collects its administration fee. Members are advised not to respond to the GameDay notification to renew membership.

Everyone wishing to play will be required to register on the new system, "Basketball Connect" for the new summer season which will go live around the end of January.

Previously in GameDay the Basketball Queensland and RedCity Roar Membership were linked together in a 365 day product. In the "Basketball Connect" system the Basketball Queensland membership will remain at 365 days but the RedCity Roar membership will be split for each season and will be $30 per season.

Current RedCity Roar members will have received an email from our administrator, Jo Doyle, explaining your options for the Basketball Queensland membership and the RedCity Roar membership.

As a reminder the options are:

Option 1, the default will be that your BQ membership will be extended by another 12 months on top of your current membership when you register in Basketball Connect


Option two, you can complete a quick jot-form to have the fee refunded and have your membership expire on the original date.

RedCity Membership info:

For members who renewed their RedCity membership between the 1st of July – 31st December 2021 you will receive a full refund of the $30 summer season RedCity membership fee.

Members who renewed their RedCity membership between 1st April – 30th June 2021 will receive a pro rata refund.

Members who’s RedCity membership is due for renewal between 1st Jan – 31s March 2022 will not be eligible for a refund.

Thank you for your patience and hope to see everyone back on the courts soon!

Seniors will go back on February 16th (Wednesday) and 17th (Thursday).

Juniors will start back the week of 15th of February (Tuesday - U18 U20 & YDL), 18th of February (Friday - U14 Div1 U16) and 19th February (Saturday U10, U12 and U14)

The first CUBs training session will be Wednesday 9th of February and the first games for the 6 & 7 yos will be on Saturday 12th February at the PCYC at 8.00am.

Registration links will go live on the website and facebook by the end of this month!

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