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Major Milestone for RedCity Roar Association!

For the first time in RedCity history, both Under 14s Roar teams have qualified for Premier League. This is significant because Premier League is the for the top eight teams from Associations in south east Queensland. Teams qualify by playing through a gruelling grading tournament where teams play up to four games to earn their spot in the South Queensland Junior Basketball League (SQJBC) at different levels, Premier League (top 8), Southern Cup (next 8), Challenge Cup and Development Cup.

The top four teams from SQJBC for the Under 12 age two years prior, get automatic qualification for Premier League only leaving four spots open in the grading tournament which was held over the weekend. The RedCity Roar teams have made significant gains from two years ago which is an indication of the increase in the number of players playing, which in turn increases the depth of talent and level of domestic competition and the level of development work put in by all the clubs in that period.

This is from GM Peter Pollock, "This is such a milestone for our Association! This is one is for everyone in our Association to celebrate! There is nothing as pure as just playing the game, it’s a space where it’s just you and your mates can give your all, and do your best. It’s not about winning, that comes along if you love the game enough to practice the skills and learn the game! If the culture is right more people play and enjoy the game. We now have multiple teams in every rep cycle and the willingness to participate and develop has pushed our kids into the top level. There is close to a thousand Redlanders that have joined our Association since RedCity Roar tipped off in 2019 and another 400 that were with us at the start! Thanks to every one of you that helped build our RedCity Roar identity and culture along the way!"

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