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Judiciary System Update!

Our Judiciary team has been doing some reviews and have implemented some new processes to be announced in the new year to help maintain a positive and supportive culture at RedCity Roar for all its participants.

Steve Ackroyd (Video) and Brendan Jorgensen (photo below) have the policing skills and training which are suited to the tasks required of the Judiciary. Their professionalism in investigating & following up incidents is invaluable. Also their experience in recognizing when to offer support reaches out past the well being of just our basketball community. Everyone goes through tough times occasionally and sometimes it manifests itself with behaviors in places that are not appropriate. RedCity Roar member John Rutter (bottom photo) from Authentic Steps has thrown his support behind the referral process offering his knowledge and support when needed.

Thanks to all our team including our independent judiciary panelists who give up their time to help protect our culture at RedCity Roar when called upon. We look forward to another year of your guidance and support!

Steve Ackroyd

Brendan Jorgensen

John Rutter

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