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Bride is Back!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The athletic talents of 192cm power forward Bride Kennedy-Hopoate will join the RedCity Roar to play for the SupplyAus women's team. Bride will join her team mates for the away matchup against the Ipswich Force tomorrow night and will play her first home game at the "Den" next Friday night against the Cairns Dolphins.

A graduate of Brisbane State High School Bride was regular member of Queensland Junior teams, her athleticism, skills and competitive nature landed her spot in the Australian U17 Junior team and that was followed by a college career in the US. The covid outbreak left Bride in awkward situation after graduating from college, not being able to return home. The cost of flights had skyrocketed, combined with quarantine and being on a student visa the options looked dour until her basketball connections came to the rescue.

Bride considered offers from RedCity Roar and the Norwood Flames in South Australia and ended up signing with Norwood. However, in an ironic twist of events involving player movement (the Roar's Lauren Mansfield) and coach movement (Cassie Dover) and an ankle injury (to Bride), a return home to Queensland became an option for the talented forward.

Lauren had originally planned to return to Norwood and Bride was keen to play alongside the Opals star, but Lauren was recruited by Cassie to the Gold Coast Rollers before Cassie ended up joining the Roar. Without the Australian point guard and the injury, a return home seemed like a great move. The cub reached out and with Adam Russell from the Qld Physio Group and Adrien Fitzpatrick from the YMCA at Victoria Point the club offered Bride some professional support to treat and rehab the ankle all while being at home. A release was brokered with Norwood and Bride returned to the Sunshine State much to the joy of Coach Dover!

Welcome home Bride! RedCity fans cant wait to watch you play!

Check out Bride's highlights from one of her games in Norwood!

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