Jeremy Kendle is a Professional basketball player, basketball skill & development trainer, and public speaker.  Jeremy (JK) has played professionally in Morocco, Switzerland, New Zealand, China, and Australia.  He is truly convicted that his purpose is to use the game of basketball to make others better. This coined phrase “make other’s better,” was used by his collegiate head coach Scott Davenport at Bellarmine University.

JK’s mission on earth is to invest his “T.I.M.E” to “T”each, “I”nspire, “M”otivate, and “E”ncourage people through the game of basketball.  He has trained players from the grassroots level on up to elite professionals.  JK hopes to instil confidence in everybody he is affiliated with, “Confidence comes through preparation,” another one of Coach Davenports coined phrases for culture at BU. Jeremy’s work ethic and preparation have been key factors in his confidence and consequently his success on the court.

JK wants to use his knowledge, gifts, talents, resources, connections and most importantly his experiences through the game of basketball to help people. “Experience is life’s greatest teacher,” says JK.  JK’s experience with the game of basketball is why he can offer players a unique mentality and rare perspective to help develop them on and off the floor.

The RedCity Roar has secured  access  for representative players to  Jeremy Kendle Basketball to deliver personalized coaching. Programs will offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings during the school term.

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