Community Coaches Course

This is minimum accreditation requirement to coach a club team in RedCity Roar competitions or to work in the Roar Ready Schools program.

Five Star Club Coaches Course

Every coach is required to  gain accreditation to participate in RedCity Roar club competitions and for representative teams.

This course will give you the minimum accreditation required to coach at club level (Community Coaches Accreditation) by completing module 1.

This course will also give you an opportunity to develop your craft with our network of Coach Developers who can mentor you through modules 2, 3, 4 and 5 to gain Club Coach Accreditation which is required  RedCity Roar junior representative teams!

Normally, $80 now only $35!!!  ENROLL NOW!!

Team Manager Course

Your journey to be the team manager of the Opals or Boomers starts here! Help your team be the best they can be. Suitable for club and representative teams.


BBQ Fundraiser Course

RedCity Roar offers a great fundraising opportunity for it’s members via the BBQ. This course gives you all the information you need to raise funds for your club, team or  any other RedCity Roar membership group.

Court Controllers Course

This course is designed to equip “Court Controllers” with the information and skills they need for their role, for club and representative games.