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Deb Burdfield

General Member

Intro & Bio

My life as a basketball mum began in 2012 when my son Matt started playing Biddy-Ball. He became hooked.. and I admit I have always loved the buzz of the game so was quite excited that he loved it too.
Over the last 10 years, I have enjoyed many experiences with Club, Rep and now QSL level basketball. I have been Rep/QSL Team manager for 7 seasons and find open and honest communication, between parents, players, coaches and management is paramount to a harmonious and successful season.
When RedCity took over the basketball program from PCYC and we transitioned to a clubs format, I was excited about the potential growth and development of the organisation and opportunities for the players. I became part of the inaugural Wellington Point Kings committee and served 2 years as Secretary. I am proud of what we achieved as a club, and the number of willing and enthusiastic volunteers that will continue to uphold the club’s values and commitment to its members.
When I’m not wearing my basketball hat, I actually own and run a PT studio with my husband John. I am fortunate that this gives me the flexibility to be so involved, but it also means I have a very real understanding of the complex demands of running a business. Although RedCity is a community club, in order to grow and be successful there needs to be vision, direction, planning  and accountability. I am looking forward to being a part of the success of RedCity moving into the next year.

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