Welcome to a new era in the development of basketball in Redlands. My name is Peter Pollock and I am the new General Manager of the RedCity Roar.  I would like to give you a quick overview of my involvement in the game and what I see as the challenges ahead for what will be, an exciting three years from today!

I have had a life time involvement, growing up with the game in the Burdekin, in north Queensland. I was fortunate to be part of a strong basketball culture led by some visionaries at administration level, at the time.  I progressed through juniors to seniors and then moved to Melbourne to pursue my NBL dream. I played for 5 years in the NBL, completed my Phys. Ed. degree and moved into coaching director roles towards the end of my playing career (which was mainly towel waiving at NBL level). I was involved in the start ups at South West (1997), and Logan (1998),  as a volunteer. In 2000, I started  my own business, a movement program for preschoolers called “Smallports”.  I  have coached/administered at Logan and South West at different levels and been fortunate to have had some great teams around me on and off the court. I took on a job with Basketball Queensland in 2013 building “Aussie Hoops” and then moved in to the coach education space in 2016, until this opportunity arose. I have always been excited about growing the game and could see the potential for Redlands, even more so, now I have seen what is already in place.  With the culture and the people involved in the club and the support of the staff at Redlands PCYC, the future looks bright.

From today the RedCity Roar Basketball Association Inc. will take over the basketball operations from the Redlands PCYC after signing a 3 year lease arrangement for the two upper courts. This will allow the RedCity Roar to develop the programs and the infrastructure needed to provide opportunity to all the residents of Redlands to grow and excel in the game, right here in Redlands.

Redlands has been the smaller pyramid in the basketball landscape.  It is a well built pyramid, however there are reasons why it does not cast a longer shadow than our neighbouring pyramids in the cities of Logan and Brisbane.

1.     Redlands does not have the infrastructure below it’s introductory program to build its foundation. There has not been a  large community/school based participation program feeding players into Biddy Ball. This limits the base of our pyramid and therefore the height to which it can be built. The RedCity Roar will launch its “Roar Ready Schools Program” next term and will have a major partnership announcement in the coming weeks. The RedCity Roar has already partnered with the  Brisbane Bullets to facilitate the growth and exposure at community participation level right through to NBL level.

2.     Redlands currently does not have clubs binding and strengthening the middle layers of the pyramid. The RedCity Roar is planning to have a strong core of community leaders driving  the clubs  to strengthen the structure to build the pointy end of the pyramid. The RedCity Roar has welcomed Bayside Basketball as the Association’s first “Foundation” club and the club will operate out of Cleveland District State High School looking after the Ormiston/Cleveland area. This officially makes the RedCity Roar the fastest growing association in Queensland, thanks to John Cooper and his team at the Bayside Club! The RedCity Roar is looking to support junior teams by establishing clubs that compete under the banner of RedCity and based in the following locations:

Thorneside/Wellington Point
Victoria Point/Redland Bay
Capalaba/Alexandra Hills
Sheldon/Mount Cotton

The RedCity Roar plans to take team nominations from these clubs for the start of the July 2020 season.

3.     Redlands currently does not have a QBL program so any opportunity to participate at a higher level as a player, coach, referee, score bench official or administrator cannot be afforded in Redlands. The RedCity Roar have a three year plan to build the necessary resources for entry into Queensland’s highest level of competition.

The focus right now is to have the systems and processes in place so that all current programs continue to run smoothly.  Graham Pearse and Kirsten DeMarchi from the Redlands PCYC have offered their much needed support in the leadup to the changeover and through to the end of 2019.

There is a lot to be done and more human resources are needed to build the vision, shared by our management committee. If you can help in any way shape or form please contact me via gm@redcityroar.com.au or call 0424753776